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Anthony 1/29/2020 1:07 PM
43x/48 mag catch
- Arrived 2 days after I ordered, shipping was fast.
- packaging was secure in the envelope 
- Mag release texture feels great

- Upon opening the package, the black finish was almost completely rubbed off on the long flat side of the mag catch, aluminum exposed. Not a big deal, just reporting on my specific order FYI. I’m sure they’re not all like that.
- I can report that the aluminum mag catch is definitely eating away at the edge of where the factory Glock mags click into the frame. I do not have the S15 yet, I ordered the mag catch in anticipation for the S15. After shooting a few hundred rounds, and constantly releasing and inserting mags, the mags are showing chunks being rubbed off under recoil/insertion/release. This is not a surprise to me, as the metal S15 eats away at the plastic mag catch. Logically, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work the other way around, and I can confirm that it does. I’m not really complaining, because I did get this mag catch specifically for the metal magazines, I did suspect it would take chunks from my plastic Glock magazines. 4 stars only because the finish was almost 100% rubbed away on one side. 

 Nonetheless, Thank you shield arms for being so innovative with your products, I hope you guys continue with this higher capacity magazine idea. I hope you guys come out with a 30 round S15! With your technology, i’m sure you could creat a 20 flush fit in a G19 no problem.
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Barry 3/20/2020 6:09 PM
Great products
Purchased 2 S15 mags and the mag catch. Great quality and function! The Glock 43x is a little harder to replace the mag catch than other Glocks. Once I got the right tool, it took 20 seconds to get the catch out. Very happy with the mags and mag catch! Can’t recommend Shield Arms products strongly enough. Please look at doing the same thing for the Glock 42 .380. Man that would be outstanding!!
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Gary 4/25/2020 7:32 AM
S 15 2Magazine in one magazine release
Magazine in one magazine release
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Jomar 4/25/2020 2:05 PM
Mag catch
If you have 15S magazine you need to buy this mag catch, it’s work better than the Glock original and also it won’t wear out with the magazine.
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Luke 5/1/2020 10:54 AM
Glock 42 S15
Like Barry said, please please please make an S15 for the Glock 42 (.380), even if it only holds 10-12 rounds. I would automatically buy 2 magazines and a mag catch for the 42 if you produced them and know a couple of other people who would do the same.
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Matthew 10/3/2020 4:37 PM
Fast Shipping!!!
I oredered this on a Thursday had it in hand Saturday all the way in Illinois!
Thank You!
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Gary 12/23/2020 11:19 PM
Steel Perfection
These steel mag catches are a must have for the SA 15 mags.. I have been using these mags almost a year... Flawless! Never one singe hiccup with a ton of testing.

This new all STEEL catch has a tremendous amount of 'real estate' on the inside that engages the mag slot, as far as you can take it without interfering with spring/ammo function. Locks SA 15 mags in tight, and holds them in place even when the mag catch is "bumped" fairly decent, the mag stays put. Very positive release as well when your ready to drop the mag. I am totally sold on these steel catches paired with the S15 mags... You will NOT be disappointed!
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stephen 3/12/2021 11:58 AM
Steel better that Aluminum
I originally had the aluminum mag catch for the s15 magazine. After about 9 months of moderate range use, the mag catch would no longer hold magazines due to wearing.

The new steel mag catch is awsome, one can tell how much more robust it is just by the weight alone (steel vs aluminum). This mag catch will not wear down. This mag catch paired with the s15 is perfect as one can hear the positive retention click on insertion. The stippling is great on the finger and it looks fairly stock which i like. The one thing that stands out to me is how sheild arms decided to not make this an “extended” version. In my opinion this is great for concealed carry because the mag catch does not protrude so far out one could possibly get an unwanted magazine release while carrying. Overall the steel mag catch is a great addition/upgrade compared to the aluminum version and blows the oem glock mag catch out of the water.
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Jason 3/31/2021 6:00 PM
Steel mag Catch
I didn't think I would need this.  I had installed a Hyve Aluminum mag catch. I ordered the SA mat stainless version and swapped out the Hyve upon receipt of the new Steel SA mag catch. The SA catch fits perfectly. It wasn't until after installing the SA catch that it became clear the Hyve didn't fit properly.  The Hyve didn't fit flush on the opposite side from the button where they have their design.  Function testing at the range proves these are truly high quality and provide the extra peace of mind to run the S15 rd mags and not chew through an Aluminum catch. It should be noted that I wasn't yet having any issues with the S15 mags and Hyve catch.  SA ships quickly and everything arrived ahead of schedule.
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Nicholas 7/19/2021 8:47 PM
Works good with S15 not so much for Glock mags
Works good with s15 can’t complain but not good with your standard Glock mags but not a big deal, my s15 also doesn’t seem to sit completely flush oh well gonna try it out ! 
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Alain 8/2/2021 2:52 PM
Please order one with your first order of magazine. It's a very nice one, it's also the cheapest. I ran my 43x for 700 round with the factory one and it finally failed. 5 minutes later I had replaced it with this one.  Just wanted to know how long it will last.
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