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How do I check out?

Click on the shopping bag icon, or click here to edit your shopping cart. You can then click 'Proceed to Check Out'.

When is this item coming back in stock?

To receive updates on items coming back in stock, you can sign up for back in stock notifications, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

I saw your new product on YouTube/Instagram! When is it going to be released?

To receive updates on new releases, please sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

I’m in the military, a veteran, in law enforcement, a Peace Corp member, a firefighter, or a first responder. Do I get a discount?

Yes! You are eligible for The Shield Arms Service Discount. To apply, simply send an email to from your work email account.

My product is wrong/defective. What can I do?

No problem! We are happy to help, email us at with a description of your situation and pictures. We will help evaluate the issue.

Please visit our warranty page for further instruction. All Shield Arms products carry a lifetime warranty against failures or defects in workmanship, materials, manufacturing, and mechanical function, and is fully transferable. No need to keep track of a receipt, no need to prove you are the original owner. If something isn't right, we'll fix it or replace it.




We do not have a retail store front, on-site visits with prior authorization only.


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